Double resolution of conventional microscope up to 1000 fps


The Live-SR is based on optically demodulated  structured illumination technique with online processing. Combined with spinning confocal , it enables Super Resolution to be acheived at high speed  and low photo-toxicity, making it the ideal solution for live high resolution cell imaging. Moreover, because of the nature of the light modulation, no line or pattern artifact is created.


The Live-SR process can be run live during acquisition or integrated into an offline routine. Processing is parameter free making it  very easy to use. Necessary data for processing are directly read from the acquisition software.


Intensity profiles of a 100nm green fluorescent bead captured using a conventionnal spinning disk confocal microscope with or without the Live-SR system. FWHM were measured at 232.5nm and 123nm respectively.

Highlights :

  • Maximum resolution up to 105nm*
  • Acquisition speed up to 1000 fps
  • Live / Focus mode for real time  Motorized bypass mode
  • No specific fluorophors required
  • Low photoxicity for live imaging
  • Up to 6 channels
  • Simultaneous multicolor imaging
  • Compatible with any existing research microscope
  • Compatible with SCMOS, CCD, EMCCD cameras
  • No expertise required
  • No structured artifact

image a of 160nm test sample (GATTA-SIM 160Y) using a spinning disk confocal microscope without (top) or with (bottow) Live-SR

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