Industrial Design Partner
and Manufacturing

ALL OF US, at GATACA Systems, are pleased to support your company closely with passion to provide a unique solution in terms of optical systems integration for all your industrial projects.

“TOGETHER we go further, when do we begin?”

In 2022, GATACA Sytems joined OPTOPRIM, a key supplier on the European market, as well as Industrial Laser Systems (ILS), a laser machine manufacturer, to create together OPTOPRIM Group.

On the strength of this union, the 5 companies share their expertise and ambitions to be a major European Photonic and Optical Integrator.

OPTOPRIM Group presents 3 main activities:
Optoprim group companies

GATACA relies on its experience as a recognized developer and manufacturer
of super resolution photonic systems in Nanobioscience to offer its expertise throughout the process of integrating high complexity optical systems. Our specialized team supports industrial projects from the start of the study until its industrialization.