Super Resolution Single Molecule Localization techniques such as PALM, STORM or PAINT, enable the highest optical resolution and can typically reach a tenfold increase in resolution compared to standard microscopy methods.

Classical TIRFiLas Ring TIRF

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Single molecule detection and tracking are very demanding techniques. Both require high performance imaging capabilities and the premium optical quality at excitation and at emission.

In order to have the best contrasted images a TIRF system is needed, either in TIRF mode or in HILO mode. Ilas TIRF and its unmatched illumination uniformity enables to have uniform activation and detection probability to avoid reconstruction artifacts because of fringe or ring modulations.

Cytoskeleton imaging

3D super-resolution image of microtubules in MEF cell acquired using DNA-PAINT approach (collaboration R. Jungmann’s laboratory). The acquisition was performed under oblique illumination using iLas 2, on a Nikon Ti2 microscope equipped with a cylindrical lens for 3D localization.  

The 3D super-resolution reconstruction was achieved in real-time during the acquisition, using WaveTracer and MetaMorph software.

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