Single-mode Laser Launch

Gataca Systems – iLaunch
  • Up to 8 lasers coupled in one compact housing
  • Single-mode, polarization maintaining fiber coupling
  • ONE, TWO OR THREE outputs, switching time 1 ms

Multi-mode Laser Launch

LDI 89 North – Laser Diode Illuminator

  • High power, low cost, laser diode illuminator
  • 6- or 7-line laser diode illuminator
  • Up to 1W of power per line
  • Multimode fiber coupled

The LDI is a multiline, solid-state laser illuminator offering up to 1000mW of output power via a multimode fiber at the price of lower power LED light engines. With feedback controlled output stability and up to a 100:1 linear dynamic range, the LDI is the ideal light source for a wide range of applications including spinning disk confocal microscopy, structured illumination microscopy, FRAP, photoactivation/photoconversion, and  PALM/STORM.