Light sheet fluorescence microscopy is a recent and very powerful imaging technique for fluorescent samples. The recent advances in sample preparation make it a necessary tool in most research lab. Light sheet technology main features compared to other techniques are, speed, minimal sample perturbation, very reduced photobleaching and adaptability to very large samples.

Light Sheet dimensions diagram

Many light sheet designs exist, they all have their weaknesses and benefits. Our main goal was to propose something affordable and small that can adapt on monst existing inverted microscopes.

The LEAF is using a cylindrical lens, this minimizes phototoxicity and bleaching compared to other techniques.

The system also contain a galvanometric mirror in order to reduce the stripes effect commonly seen with light sheet.

Light Sheet lens diagram

Even with very bright and dense objects, the stripes artifacts are not visible.

Light Sheet illustration

 (Image courtesy of Imagerie-GIF)

Gataca Systems Cyclops Light Sheet

Developped as part of an entire system, GATACA Light Sheet solution can be used on the GATACA Cyclops. It can be combined with other techniques such as FRAP, FLIP, Optogenetics or even ablation. 

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