iLas Pulse

The iLas Pulse system is a unique tool for Subcellular Nano-surgery and Nano-irradiation combined with FRAP/Photoactivation. Coupled to a microscope, it addresses a wide variety of bio-physical applications.

Precise focusing of pulsed laser light in real time enables non-invasive manipulation of the structural machinery of living cells with several-hundred­ nanometer resolution.

Banner Credits: RPEI Cells transfected with lifeact-GFP. Dr Timothée Vignaud, Dr Laurent Blanchoin Team at CEA Grenoble, France. Laser ablation at 355 nm permits visualization of relaxation of a single actin stress fiber after targeted ablation. Central part of the images was enhanced for better visualization.

Modular V2.0 GATACA software

Improved interface and new functionnalities

Modular 360 TIRF:

  • Fast and easy calibration for your azimuthal TIRF experiment (up to 6 calibrations)
  • Easy switch between averaging modalities, 360 ellipse, arc or point TIRF
  • Very intuitive user interface for live navigation between Widefield, HILO or TIRF
  • Live fine tuning of your illumination settings (angle, power, depth, …)
  • Multicolor steaming for fast multicolor acquisition at same penetration depth
  • Simultaneous or sequential multicolor excitation and detection
  • Multicamera capability with different penetration depth
  • Theta-scan acquisition mode for axial super resolution (50nm resolution)

Modular TARGET for FRAP FLIP and ablation:

  • Easy and robust auto calibration
  • Simple ROI manager
  • On the fly FRAP/ablation with points, spirals or ROIs
  • Intuitive power control, adjustable repetition and Thickness
  • Integrated FRAP and FLIP providing experimental pre-settings overview
  • 256 level image importation for precise patterning and complexes ROIs
MOdular screenshot
REAL TIME patterning using the ablation laser on a large sCMOS camera. 256 gray levels, 18mm FOV