iLas 3


In order to go even further iLas 3 adds photo-ablation capabilities to iLas 2. Coupled to a wide-field or spinning disk confocal microscope, its evolutive design allows researchers to choose and simultaneously combine:

  • Azimuthal TIRF imaging
  • 3D TIRF – θscan
  • Single molecule imaging
  • Oblique illumination imaging
  • FRAP Photo-activation
  • Photo-ablation

Key features

  • Unmatched uniformity in TIRF and HILO
  • Calibrated angle and penetration depth
  • Simultaneous multichannel TIRF
  • Simultaneous multi-penetration depths
  • Simultaneous TIRF & FRAP & Photo-ablation
  • Keep polarization state of each laser
  • Very large illumination spectrum