3D Super-resolution spinning disk

Recent progress in fast spinning disk confocal imaging have enabled live cell 3D super-resolution. Thanks to the inherent low phototoxicity and high speed of spinning disk technology, dim or highly dynamic samples can be observed at a resolution down to 120 nm in x,y and 350 nm in Z. Moreover, photo-ablation or FRAP/PA capabilities can be added to widen even more the application range.


Membrane trafficking & Fast live imaging

Combined Stacks Live SR
Cytoskeleton: (right) Max intensity projection of 3D live-SR imaging of S180 cells suspended doublets. Actin protrusion are visible with impressive clarity (top: spinning disc W1, bottom: super-resolved image W1+ live SR)
Image courtesy V.Viasnoff, MBI nus Singapore.

Live bacteria with endogenous expression (100ms exp)

Fast live imaging of eYFP-Languerin (pH sensitive) tranfected HeLa cells. Single basal plane 20fps with Live-SR activated or bypassed. With Live-SR super-resolution module in by pass or active mode. Sequences were taken one after the other.
Courtesy of J. Salamero’s lab, UMR144 CNRS/Institut curie, Paris.
Data acquired on a GATACA system with a PRIME 95B camera. 15µm Z stack of a mitotic network, 35µm deep in fixed mouse oocyte.
Courtesy of Damien CLADIERE, Katja WASSMANN lab.
Banner image credits: Maximum intensity projection of COS cells labeled for actin (grey) and microtubule (orange), Christophe Leterrier, Neurocyto, INP, CNRS-Aix Marseille Université (France)

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